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SmartDOG is a company which offers science based canine cognitive tests suitable for every dog. Tests are done with scientific standards, which allows also collection of data for research. As a customer you will get a detailed report on your dog’ s cognitive skills (memory, problem solving, impulse control, activity and ability to read human gestures). Test package also includes an access to continuously updating smartDOG database, which allows the owner to compare his/her dog against other dogs. At the moment, over 1000 dogs are included in the smartDOG database.

Why new behavioral test battery for dogs?

Katriina Tiira (PhD) designed smartDOG test battery after careful piloting in May 2016. Katriina had done several years research on canine anxiety and fears, and she started to wonder, why all around a world we test mainly shyness-boldness personality (fearfulness - boldness) in our dogs - because if canine test battery includes a section, where dog gets scared, we end up testing only dog fearfulness after that. However, we know that a dog is much more than just fearful or bold. Dogs have a lot of individual variation in cognitive traits, which have a crucial role in training, learning, and also in the development of problem behavior. smartDOG tests have been very popular in Finland among all kinds of dog owners during these two years. Many owners have gotten new insights from their dogs, some even reasons for their dogs's problematic behavior. 

What does the dog do in smartDOG test?

All tests are done using food - for a dog, this test is mainly eating, for us its numbers. Results are mean values of correct/total choices, and not subjective statements. Most dogs LOVE these tests. Testing is done indoors, and there is no audience. With smartDOG test, also very fearful dogs cane be tested - some of these get a great positive experience from strangers. Owner of the dog is always present, and is participating the test situation. Dog is not separated from the owner at any point. 



The standardized tests include problem solving ability and strategy, impulse control and activity (using FitBark), ability to read human gestures, ability to copy human behavior,  memory and logical reasoning. Tests are fun for the dog, and the only criteria for the dog is the ability to eat treats during the test, and age older than 4 months. Testing time varies from 40min to 1.5 hours depending on the test package.

All tests include an access to continuously updating smartDOG database, where you can compare your dog’s test result against others.

  • smartDOG COGNITION – includes MEMORY, GESTURES and PROBLEM, 1.5 hours, 198€ Most popular test!
  • smartDOG MEMORY – Memory and logical reasoning, 30-40 min, 68 €
  • smartDOG GESTURES – Understanding human gestures, 35-45 min, 82 €
  • smartDOG PROBLEM – Problem solving and impulse control, 15-20 min, 62€
  • smartDOG PUPPY - shorter test battery for puppies 4-7 months old, 1 hour, 129 €.

In all prices tax (24 %) is included.



In Finland, you can book testing time in Hyvinkää, Turku, Kangasala and Lohja, from here. 

Since 2016 May, when smartDOG tests started, over 1000 Finnish dogs have participated smartDOG tests. Today, five lisenced smartDOG testers are testing dogs all around Finland. If you are not from Finland, and interested on smartDOG testing, please contact katriina@smartdog.fi. POP UP testing is easily possible to organize  also in abroad, and all our licensed testers speak fluent English and some even Swedish 😁.

Would you like to be a smartDOG license tester? If you have 1) strong background in dog training 2) very good English skills, 3) preferably university degree 4) good IT skills and last but not the least 5) strong customer service attitude , you are very suitable for this job. All smartDOG license testers are independent entrepreneurs, and are they will get full training (plus testing equipments) and support to conduct tests independently. Interested? Please contact katriina@smartdog.fi



smartDOG test battery was developed by Katriina Tiira. Founder and owner of smartDOG is Katriina Tiira, PhD, animal behavioural ecologist who has almost 20-year experience in studying animal behavior. Last eight years Katriina has studied dog behavior at the Helsinki University, and has published over 20 scientific articles on animal behavior. She has also experience from dog training and competing in working dog trials (search, tracking, hunting) and in obedience. Katriina is official judge for Finnish Assistance Dogs and for Canine Assisted Therapy and Education dogs in Finland (both mental test and work certificate tests). Contact katriina@smartdog.fi, +358 44 9729185

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